This was my fav scene in the whole show.

One of my favorite roles as "LAUREL" the store clerk.  peace.

Loved working on this show.  peace.

Audition tape I used to land a 4 series commercial.  LOVING IT.  peace.

A short film soon to be a feature length film.  (warning:  a little crazy).  peace.

The sitcom pilot being marketed in USA and EUROPE called AIR HEADS the tv show.

My nephew PAUL is my manager and also owns  He looks like PHILLIP SEYMOUR HOFFMAN.  Check out his website.  PEACE.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers achieved worldwide success and a huge fan base coming from children, thus makling Amy Jo Johnson a star. After two years in the series, she left the show in 1995 and went on to star in the TV movie Susie Q.

"Northeast Texas Regional Film Commission" and our

Make up artist KAREN

Richard Crook is the sole owner of CINETEX PRODUCTION doing a # of genres in film and commercial.  He also is the Director and Writer of THE KILLERS REPRIEVE (trailer on his myspace site).  PLEASE take the time to see his work at   CLICK ON HIS PHOTO or CINETEX PRODUCTIONS TO ENTER WEBSITE.                                               

a music/marketing consulting company offering services in R&B/Hip-Hop promotions, internet, music production, artist development, music industry event planning and publicity.  THE MARKETING/PROMOTIONS PLANS PRICES START AS LITTLE AS $1500.00

Taking the stress out of your event.  Rusty Cuniff does weddings, birthdays and all other events.  He would love to cater to film sets so I had his permission to add his link to my site.  Please feel free to contact him for all your catering needs.  THANKS FOR THE GOOD FOOD RUSTY.

Paul J. Williams is a fun, funny and characterized comedian.  His comedy is in good taste and audiences love his humor and love of life.  LOL paul.